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CloudFlow and UberCloud Announce Joint Effort to Bring Cloud Services to the Engineers Workplace

CloudFlow and the UberCloud announce their close cooperation in the areas of community, technology and joint marketing. Both partners agree that their major task currently is building one community around engineering cloud services with members benefiting from cloud-related information, experimentation, and finally using cloud services for their daily business, on demand, as needed. Another major joint task is facilitating ease of access and use of high-performance cloud resources.

"We at CloudFlow are very excited about the collaboration with UberCloud because we have the same objectives, helping manufacturers to access and use powerful cloud computing resources for their engineering, production and innovation. On the other hand we are perfectly complementing each-other by covering the whole spectrum of organizations from the 'long tail' of individual CAE consultants to small and medium enterprises (SMEs)." Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Stork, Head of Competence Center for Interactive Engineering Technologies, Fraunhofer-Institut für Graphische Datenverarbeitung IGD & Coordinator of the CloudFlow Project.

The UberCloud is a community and marketplace for engineers, scientists, and their service providers to discover, try, and buy computing and software on demand, in the cloud. More than 50 cloud providers and over 80 software vendors are supporting thousands of companies around the world with experimenting with their resources and services, to understand the end-to-end process of taking their applications to the cloud. The next step for the end-users then is to select and buy application related services from the UberCloud Marketplace. "Our mutual collaboration extends also to new technologies like Linux containers," says Wolfgang Gentzsch, president of the UberCloud. "CloudFlow applications can then instantly run on cloud resources within the project, and demonstrate the user-friendliness of such an approach.“


CloudFlow is currently preparing its second Open Call (3rd wave) for additional application experiments which will be open from June 30 to September 30 2015, with 1 Mio. Euro budget available for future project partners. Application Experiments shall be rooted in computational technology for manufacturing and engineering industries, preferably SMEs, giving them affordable access to Cloud technologies. Priority will be given to innovative product development and products, such as mechatronic systems and cyber-physical systems, including, e.g., multi-domain simulation (mechanics, electronics, software, fluid dynamics, acoustics, etc.).