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The 14 new projects in @EU_Cloudflow are introducing the technical results and their business expectations during our meeting in Darmstadt 27th September, 2016
Results of the experiment did exceed @SimPlanAG initial expectations by far: the implemented solution fits nicely with existing offerings. 27th September, 2016
Great results in our +20 experiments @EU_Cloudflow Preparing the review meeting in Darmstadt and planning the exploitation w/ @clesgoUG 26th September, 2016
Optimised outstanding #biomass #condensing boiler at #CloudFlow portal: Challenging synergy of @nabladot @BIFI_Instituto @BioCurve 19th September, 2016
Infrastructure for @EU_Cloudflow 3rd wave experiments is ready at @CSUC_info 15th September, 2016
Remote demonstration of AM techniques for cycloidal gearboxes from simple to increasingly complex-shaped parts #additivemanufacturing 13th September, 2016
#CloudFlow portal: CFD tool in for heat exchanger design created by @nabladot helps @BioCurve to develope new models. 5th September, 2016
OpenStack 2000 cores cloud @BIFI_Instituto integrated in #CloudFlow infrastructure. #Biomass boiler design CFD successfully running on it. 31 August, 2016
Fraunhofer IGD presents its results in 3Dprinting, 3Dvisualization and real-time rendering at SIGGRAPH2016. 21 July, 2016
Missed SES-Tec’s results @indtech16? All of the multiphase flow simulation of a bioreactor here: @I4MS_EU 15 July, 2016
After enhancing the OpenFoam capabilities of modeling exactly the radiation, BTECH starts working for @tuSEAT using Cloudflow portal in CSUC 15 July, 2016
Cloud-based multiphase flow simulation of a bioreactor - a presentation by Dalibor Jajcevic at I4MS European Conference 2016 28 June, 2016
Promising strategic alliance - successful presentation of our Start-Up clesgo UG at ISC 2016. 22 June, 2016
Inside one CloudFlow experiment ATHENA RC boosts HELIC's inductance code by distributed matrix algebra. 20 May, 2016
Hannover Messe 2016: Visit us at Hall7, Booth E04 for the experiment - Cooling Air-Flow Optimization for Compressors 25 April, 2016
CloudFlow Success Stories - Second Wave. 25 April, 2016
Workflow is integrated in CloudFlow portal! Now we start the postprocessing of the simulation and the data evaluation in the browser. 14 Dec, 2015
It's worth to follow CloudFlow Experiment results: Optimization time of PLANTOP plant layout is decreased of 36% by exploiting Arctur HPC. 24 Nov, 2015
PLANTOP desktop client is now able to start simulation and optimization workflows using Workflow Manager SOAP web services. 16 Nov, 2015
PLANTOP experiment in Cloudflow, working with SINTEF to integrate Simulation service and WebGL viewer. 09 Nov, 2015
2nd consensus meetings for third wave of experiments are running successfully. Very promising proposals for new use cases. 05 Nov, 2015
CloudFlow is on I4MS booth T06 at the ICT2015 EU conference in Lisbon together with FortissimoPro. 22 Oct, 2015
Welcome at ICT2015 Networking session organized by CloudFlow, cloudSMEproject, and FortissimoPro. Tomorrow at room 5B, starting at 16:50 20 Oct, 2015
Just 24 hours and we could start the review of our CloudFlow Second Open Call. 29 Sept, 2015
Designing Motors with a Coupled Simulation Approach. 25 Sept, 2015
Digital Integration in Factories of the Future session at ICT2015 on 21 Oct (Lisbon). 14 Sept, 2015
Ready to build the ultimate biomass condensing boiler with an astonishing CloudFlow optimised heat exchanger. 14 Sept, 2015
CFD tool for heat exchanger design will be available soon in the CloudFlow portal. 13 Aug, 2015
First fully integrated version of the CloudScale Environment has been released. 05 Aug, 2015
Prototype confirms successfully integration. We will Integrate workflow into CloudFlow portal to simplify usability. 27 July, 2015
Capvidia ran first test simulation at Arctur HPC resources successfully and Boge as manufacturing partner finished first FlowVision training 20 July, 2015
Cloudflow will enable FICEP sales people and technical office to collaborate on the same projects worldwide. 14 July, 2015
CloudFlow second wave partner TTS and the experiment PLANTOP are working to integrate simulation service with WebGL viewer from SINTEF. 14 July, 2015
ISC 2015: A presentation will be given by Prof. Dr. André Stork on "CloudFlow: Computational Cloud Services & Workflows for Agile Engineering" on July 15, 2015. 10 July, 2015
Submission tool will be available from July 15th, 2015. 01 July, 2015
Second wave experiment partners Introsys/Simplan/UNIKS are preparing roboter simulation in the cloud. 23 June, 2015
SIMCASE experiment is starting soon with a series of welding shop simulations. 22 June, 2015
CloudFlow and UberCloud Announce Joint Effort to Bring Cloud Services to the Engineers Workplace. 18 June, 2015
The evaluation of CloudFlow first wave's experiments has shown promising results and real benefits for SME end user. 15 June, 2015
Successful test of commercial-of-the-shelf simulation software Plant Simulation with GridWorker in CloudFlow. 10 June, 2015
CloudFlow Success Stories about first wave of Experiments have been presented at CloudFlow conference. 29 May, 2015
First prototype of Electronic Design Automation (EDA) cloud tool will be ready by the end of June. 29 May, 2015
CFD on CloudFlow, no bother with installation, license management or storage. 22 May, 2015
CloudFlow partner Jotne has started a new project IDEALISM with a focus on the Aerospace industry, where CloudFlow results will be exploited. 20 May, 2015
Experiments move forward and approach steadily their final state. 13 May, 2015
Cloud-based Software Engineering Proceedings focus on decision support for moving to the cloud. Click Here 13 May, 2015
The 7 new experiments are ready for cloudification. 23-26 February, 2015
CloudFlow Consortium Meeting - Kick-Off for the new seven experiments and introduction of the partners. Feb. 23-26, 2015
Presentation at CAE-Forum by Prof. Dr. André Stork 26 November 2014
I4MS Event in Berlin 17-18 June 2014
ICT innovation for Manufacturing SMEs - Arcturs panel at the 27th Bled eConference 10 June 2014
1st Cloudflow open call pre-registration 23 May 2014
Experiment 3 (cfd): We did a lot of work on the case preparation. 02 April 2014
Space brings savings to offshore oil and gas 18 November 2013
Korea-EU Workshop 30 Sept. - 02 Oct. 2013