Steel Tower


CloudFlow has the following scientific and technological objectives:

  • Data

    • cloud-based management of heterogeneous data (CAD, CAM, CAE, CFD, PLM, behaviour models for system simulation)
    • standardized data exchange, integration and archival based on STEP AP 209
    • extended data interoperability through semantic knowledge representation technologies
  • Services

    • cloud-based computing services based on standard technologies, e.g. OCCI
    • simulation services based on GPU (graphics processing unit) architectures and clusters
    • interactive services which take user input into account, e.g. simulation steering
    • extended service interoperability through semantic service description technologies
  • Workflows

    • linking heterogeneous services along the engineering chain to integrated workflows
    • semantic workflow description
    • workflow orchestration and synchronization through central synchronization services
    • services-in-a-loop as a workflow to support multi-domain / multi-physics decision making in product and production design
  • Users

    • flexible definition of workflows
    • customized interfaces
    • single point of access
    • impact on usability and joy-of-use
    • interactive steering and visual feedback
  • Business Models

    • assist and complement the technical development with the business perspective, particularly relating to future uptake and sustainability;
    • study the external context to provide input and requirements relating to market needs and trends, and to define the market context
    • confirm and further analyse the value proposition, value chain, business models and deployment models for the optimal final exploitation of results.
    • establish a security certification programme